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Customized Courses for all!

English is a language which has its roots into various languages and has accepted words from other languages into its own territory. When we learn to explore, we learn to relate and make it our own. English, Creative Writing, Meditation, Film Appreciation, Life Skills...we customize it all.

A Space for Everyone!

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WSS or its creator do not only promote a space or a singular person's vision.. of learning something in particular. It is a place and a person who will share with you the joy of learning to keep learning. For, ‘learning’ is far greater than ‘learning writing’ or ‘learning dance’. It is a place, an energy that makes you humble and a student for life. 


The walls of the place are not boastful of highly intellectual quotes or authors. Instead, there are half finished paintings of characters who think they have supernatural powers, Winnie the pooh and posters of Disney movies. The idea is just this: simplicity. WSS and Bhakti ma'm taught me to learn from everything. 

(A dear student and individual who has grown multi fold in her ways of thinking, envisioning and living)


Priyanka Sharma

Senior Correspondent - Republic TV

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