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Building a Relationship with yourself

The relationship we share with ourselves is extremely crucial and that is what I like to share and understand. We are all catalysts for each other to grow and glow.  It is a beautiful journey that we are all here to learn from; to become more compassionate, expansive, aware and to love unconditionally. I conduct mentoring and meditation sessions since the last 9 years and its been a wonderful unwrapping discovering that everything is just a medium to wake us up and move us towards a more conscious, joyful life. have Welcome to Life!



Control is an illusion to an extent. The only thing we have in our hand is how we take it, with magic or misery. So when Life gives you a chance to do something, trying to do something you feel aligned with helps raise those energy bubbles up!


Some sharing feedback...

I found the 1:1 meditation sessions with bhakti really helpful as it gave me the opportunity to learn mindfulness and different ways to meditate. It helped me to understand myself better and has shed some much needed light on my current situation.

I found Bhakti’s approach very refreshing .

I always left the sessions with new insights and useful skills I use pretty much every day. You play a very vital role in my growth, be it mentally or spiritually. 

Thank you for introducing me to my inner self and showed me the right way. Forever grateful.

Image by Zoltan Tasi

 I joined Bhakti's meditation sessions because I needed mental peace. Bhakti's few sessions of counselling and different meditation  techniques helped me to calm my inner self. I never ever  thought it would be so relaxing. I enjoyed the sessions as I used to learn some new techniques which worked wonders on my inner and outer self. Thank your  Bhakti for introducing me to myself.

Image by Julien DI MAJO

Some more sharing...

 I joined Bhakti 's meditation classes because I needed mental peace. Bhakti's few sessions  of counselling  and different  meditation  technique helped  me to calm my inner self.  Regularly  l have started doing meditation ,talking to my organs , started thinking positively and giving gratitude to Universe. These  techniques are helping a lot to relax myself. Thank you Bhakti for introducing me to myself.

Image by Javardh

You are pure sunshine. 

Be to See

You are a dear child of Mother Earth and the expansive sky. You are always taken care of. Always. Surrender with Devotion and you will find your way. 

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